Multi-Application Control using PLC and SCADA


To control various applications through different PLCs and monitored centrally with SCADA.


In order to generate electric power and transmit it to the customers, a vast amount of money must be spent on equipments; moreover in industrial applications involving manufacturing of products, large amount of labor as well as reliability are required. Using PLC in various applications and centralizing it through SCADA makes the processes easier, reliable, risk free, easy and quick fault detection, requires less labor, leads to considerable amount of cost reduction with complete view, control on the plant sitting at one place and networking.


It involves controlling an entire power system using PLC and it is centralized through SCADA. The three parts of a power system namely generation, transmission and load are individually controlled using three different PLC’s. The load part involves application like Bottle Filling Process System, temperature and level detector, the transmission part includes a radial and parallel feeder protection to protect the system. The generation part was not accomplished during the project as it demanded more time. The project includes studying and applying the concepts of System Integration in Automation Domain, while demonstrating two or more individual control processes being integrated into centralized SCADA system using Automation Techniques. Thus this is an attempt to design a system with the use of PLC and SCADA and provide real life feel of Automation Techniques.


SCADA screen which can be situated at a distant location could control Bottle Filling System, temperature and level detector systems by interfacing PLC with SCADA. When the temperature of the boiler in the factory goes beyond some pre-set value then the heating process is stopped by PLC automatically for a while, till the temperature falls below the pre-set value. In case of level detector, when the liquid level while filling the bottles, exceeds the pre-set level then the process is stopped by PLC automatically. We had also attached the counter to count the bottles which are ready. Between the load and the power supply, is the radial and parallel feeder protection. If any fault occurs in any of the lines, then the other line of the parallel feeder becomes active and the load processes are not obstructed. The lines of feeder are protected by overcurrent relay, directional overcurrent relay and earth fault relay. According to status of protection system, PLC is programmed to respond. All these processes as well as PLC can be controlled from the SCADA screens.

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