Micro-Controller Based Password Controller for Home Appliances



Security is our Prime concern in our day-to-day life. Everyone wants to be as much secure as possible. An access control for any appliances forms a vital link in a security chain. The microcontroller based light is an access control system that allows only authorized persons to access restricted devices. Present project deals with the activation of the power supply of an electric bulb. The system is fully controlled by the 8 bit microcontroller P89V51RD2 which has a flash for the program memory.
     The password is stored in the flash memory. The system has a Keypad by which the password can be entered through it. The user entered password is compared with the password in the flash memory. When the entered password matches with the password stored in the memory then the relay gets activated, LCD displays as “ACCESS GRANTED” and the bulb glows. If the password entered is wrong then the LCD displays that “ACCESS DENIED”. The same password is then used to off the bulb. The system uses 16*2 alphanumeric LCD that displays the password in a secure way entered using the keypad of 4*3 push button switches. The total circuit enhances the user toprovide a secured operation. The application can be used with various appliances like door lock system, alarm systems etc. The security provides an advance feature for the present home automation industry.


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